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About Us

TPL International LP was founded in the UK on March 16, 2015.

Legal address: 9a Tinto Place, Edinburgh, EH6 5GD,UK.

The company’s CEO: Tatiana Ekk.

Our employees and agents work remotely from:

  • the USA;
  • Croatia;
  • Finland;
  • Germany;
  • Cyprus;
  • Russia;
  • Switzerland;
  • etc.

Our company operates as a reseller in Belorussia, Kazakhstan, Russia and some other countries. We have prior experience in this market, which, together with our strong financial capacity, helps us to process purchase orders for cable products, electronic components, and telecommunications equipment with ease.

The Benefits of Working with Us:

  • All shipments are financed. We offer credit to our customers;
  • We mitigate foreign exchange rate risk by offering all charges in US dollar why buying goods from the suppliers in their national currency;
  • Consolidation. We combine diverse cargoes into single shipments in Lithuania before delivery;
  • We will deliver all goods straight to your warehouse;

Payment details:

  • Account Name: TPL International LP
  • Bank: Hellenic Bank Public Company Limited
  • Corner Limassol Ave, 200 Athalassas Ave., 2025 Strovolos, Nicosia, Cyprus
  • EURO (EUR) IBAN: CY90005003400003400171838101
  • US Dollar (USD) IBAN: CY63005003400003400771838101