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For some companies logistics can become a deep concern as well as a major cost component, while for others it can provide an important competitive advantage. Some companies focus on sales markets and clients, achieving success in this area, while others waste precious resources on purchases, delivery, shipping and storage.

TPL International is aimed at making you a sales leader by taking over all the procurement responsibilities as well as managing logistics. TPL is not just a carrier – we provide a comprehensive set of outsourcing services.

TPL International will help you to place the order, control the shipment, finance, consolidate and deliver the goods straight to the warehouse.

We specialize in supplying passive components for telecommunication equipment manufacturing as well as provide telecommunication equipment itself for a wide variety of applications. All the components are widely used in industry, telecommunications and transportation.

The Company specialists are competent beyond just placing the order with the manufacturer: they are able to offer constructive advice on its technical specifications.